The program changing lives in Malawi and Tanzania

20 Apr 18

In Malawi and Tanzania, Caritas Australia works alongside several partner agencies to provide support to communities through the A+ Integrated Community Development Program.

The program has a focus on several key areas including agriculture, food security, nutrition, income development, water and sanitation, vocational training and Disaster Risk Reduction. In Malawi, Caritas Australia partners with CADECOM to implement the program in the Dioceses of Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre; while in Tanzania, Caritas works through two dioceses – Mbulu and Mahenge.

Key achievements

Still in its early phases, the A+ program has achieved:

  • The program has directly assisted approximately 7,430 people.
  • Over a thousand people have joined village savings and loans groups.
  • Approximately 3,880 people have better access to safe water with two key water points developed in the Malawian Diocese of Blantyre and Mzuzu
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Rosina is 70 years old and lives in the Katope region of Malawi. Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Rosina is 70 years old and lives in the Katope region of Malawi. Photo credit: Caritas Australia

Rosina’s story

Rosina, who is 70 years old, lives in the Katope region of Malawi, an area where the A+ program is being implemented.

Rosina has a great deal of responsibilities in her family – she is a widow with five children and six grandchildren. She works as a farmer but has struggled to generate a regular, stable income over the years. She hasn’t had a lot of training in best agricultural practices.

The village where Rosina and her family live is also a kilometre away from the nearest water well, and her family do not have a toilet.  

Rosina has been selected to take part in the A+ program, and with this comes a newfound feeling of hope for the future. The mother and grandmother hopes to gain an understanding of how to profit from clay pots that she moulds, an activity that has brought her joy over the years.

Rosina’s other goals from the program are that she and her family are food secure and have access to clean and safe drinking water.