Voices for Justice: Your chance to lobby politicians on Australian aid

08 Aug 18

Want to speak up for a fairer world for all and meet face-to-face with our politicians on Australian aid?

Come along to one of the best advocacy training events in Australia – Voices for Justice!

Voices for Justice brings together Christians from across the nation for four powerful days of action at Parliament House, Canberra. It’s run by the Micah Australia, a coalition of Christian agencies including Caritas Australia.

201808 Voices For Justice Credit Nicole Clements Ca (1)
Voices for Justice, 2016. Photo credit: Nicole Clements, Caritas Australia

Voices for Justice, 2016. Photo credit: Nicole Clements, Caritas Australia

Caritas Australia’s Volunteers Coordinator, Helen Deering, participated in Voices for Justice in 2016, which had a focus on climate change and how it impacts the poorest of the poor. Helen says the program empowered her and others to step up and advocate for vulnerable communities including our Pacific neighbours.

“In Kiribati, to stop the rising sea levels, people are planting mangrove trees,” Helen says.

“Knowing facts like this are useful when you meet politicians – it’s always good to tell them something they don’t know! After Voices for Justice, I wanted to continue campaigning for climate justice. Voices for Justice gave me the tools and the networks to continue to advocate.”

Voices for Justice this year will give participants the chance to meet with over 100 politicians to discuss the importance of rebuilding Australia’s aid program, now at its lowest level ever in the history of our nation. Helen believes it also doesn’t matter if you’ve never even met a politician before – as long as you’re committed to justice.

“I had never petitioned or met with a member of parliament to speak about issues that matter to me,” Helen says.

“We have a voice and our politicians have to listen to us.”

She believes that the biggest take away from her experience at Voices for Justice two years ago was the power of “strength in numbers”.

“There were people of many different faiths attending this event and everyone had the same commitment and passion,” Helen says.

“It is not how we are different but how we are the same.”