Women for the World: how a first-time fundraiser blasted her target

17 Aug 18

Hosting a Women for the World event is an easy, fun way to raise money for vulnerable women around the world. Just ask Mary!

First-time fundraiser Mary Verghese had faith that her Curry In a Hurry High Tea would be a success, and it certainly was. Starting out with a target of $700, in the end Mary and her generous guests managed to raise over $1300 to help empower women living in poverty.

After seeing an ad for Women for the World, Mary says that she empathised with the plight of underprivileged women striving for a better life for themselves and their children.

"A little helping hand from us would mean the world to them to break free from poverty," Mary says.

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Photo credit: Mary Verghese

Photo credit: Mary Verghese

Since Women for the World fundraisers can really be anything hosts want them to be, she came up with the idea of a Curry in a Hurry High Tea. Friends contributed cakes, sandwiches, curries and desserts to create a very impressive spread.

She also had raffles with food-based hampers as prizes, friends and relatives overseas donated online, and a fun ‘dress me up’ game, where groups got to dress good-humoured male participants in women’s clothing.

"On the day, I would honestly say I was just overwhelmed by the generosity of those who truly contributed from their hearts," Mary says.

Mary encourages anyone thinking of hosting an event to go ahead and do it, even if they’ve never fundraised before.

“It is a worthy cause,” she says. “By giving a little, you will be a conduit to a big change in the lives of those who benefit from it.”  

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Photo credit: Mary Verghese

Photo credit: Mary Verghese

Mary's Advice for Hosts:

  • Set goals
  • Plan your event based around these goals
  • Share these goals with your family and friends
  • Tell your family and friends why this cause is important to you and what impact their donations will have
  • Have faith in your God-given talents to make the event a success

“Don't be discouraged if people don't support you or suddenly are too busy for you. Not everyone has the giving heart but you will come across those who will,” she says.

We couldn’t agree more!

To follow in Mary’s inspiring footsteps, sign up to host an event. The money you raise will have a huge impact in the lives of women who need it most.