Ditosa's story

Ditosa featured in Project Compassion 2013.

I like coming to the Centre because it helps me. I come to study and I get something I don’t get at school."

Ditosa, 12, lives in the village of Matuba in Mozambique. Her parents died of AIDS related illnesses some years ago, so Ditosa and her little sister, Fique, 7, are cared for by their grandmother and aunt who are both HIV positive and too weak to work.

An extremely poor community, most of the houses are built of mud bricks and there is no sewerage system. Two years ago a water pump was installed in the village, so Ditosa no longer has to walk two kilometres to collect water.

Many children in this area have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. In Mozambique, an estimated 11.5 percent of adults live with HIV (Source: UNICEF 2009).

With a generation missing and many grandparents struggling to provide for grandchildren, in 2007 Caritas Chokwe coordinated the Matuba Children’s Centre and Caritas Australia supplied the funding.

Here, children learn about computers, carpentry and handicrafts; receive help with homework; grow vegetables to eat and sell, learn about health, nutrition and hygiene, plus they are provided with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) to help manage HIV/AIDS.

With your support, Matuba Children’s Centre opens doors for children and young people; they find hope for the future and a safe place where they can grow.

“The love that I have for my own children is the love that I have for these children too,” said Elvira Mabundi, Centre Coordinator.

I know the Centre will help them in life. We teach them that, even if they don’t have parents, we are together with them … they are going to be the teachers of tomorrow.”
Elvira Mabundi, Centre Coordinator

Flooding in Matuba

In late January 2013, strong flooding caused significant damage in the Chokwe District in Mozambique, including Ditosa’s village in Matuba. Caritas Australia is working with our partners to provide emergency response to help the affected communities. Read more »