A just future starts with a safe place to learn







"School has the power to lift us up, so we can reach our goals and learn quickly.."


A Just Future Starts with a Safe Place to Learn

Bayan from Jordan

Bayan is a 12-year-old Syrian girl, living with her family in Jordan, a keen student, who has her sights set on a career as an ophthalmologist. She struggled to overcome the trauma of growing up in a conflict zone, facing the prospect of missing out on schooling. Now, Bayan is an academic high-achiever, flourishing in a stable school environment.

Bayan grew up in Syria’s capital, Damascus. The Syrian conflict turned their lives upside down and they were forced to flee. As their time in Jordan extended, Caritas Australia and our partners, Caritas Jordan and Catholic Relief Services stepped in to provide vital academic and psychosocial support. Bayan started attending one of Jordan’s Caritas Schools which operates on Saturdays, providing tuition to disadvantaged students.

“The school brings them back to a normal life, as they start to dream again,” says Abeer, Caritas Education and Protection Co-ordinator.

Caritas provides a broad range of other education services, including preparing pre-school children for school, supporting students who have missed out on schooling to return to the education system, as well as counselling and nutritious meals and snacks at school.

I would not be able to read and write. I would feel lost, as if I knew nothing about the world. School has the power to lift us up, so we can reach our goals and learn quickly." - Bayan

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