A just future starts with education







"I am so grateful…and know that without the support of the people from Australia and Caritas, I would not have been given this opportunity to continue my schooling.."


A Just Future Starts with Education

Ditosa from Mozambique

Ditosa is a young girl from Mozambique who hopes to go to university and become a police officer. Featured in Project Compassion 2013, Ditosa faced a challenging future with food scarcity, little education and few job prospects. Cared for by her grandmother and aunt, after her parents died of AIDS-related illnesses, they also lost their home and livelihoods in severe flooding.

Thanks to the support of Project Compassion, Caritas Australia and Caritas Regional Chokwe (CRC) helped Ditosa’s family to build a new house and assisted with transport fees, school materials and fees, to help Ditosa to stay at school.

Ditosa attended the Matuba Children’s Centre (set up by Caritas in 2007) which provides vulnerable children, like Ditosa, with lunch, study help, and computer and income-generating skills training.

In 2018, Ditosa has graduated from school and is ambitious for the future.

“Without the support of the people from Australia and Caritas I would not have been given this opportunity to continue my schooling.”

Ditosa dreams of going to university to continue studying and secure an even brighter future.

I love to learn and want to be a police woman. Education is important in my life but I know that university is expensive, so if I can’t go to the police academy I want to learn commercial science so that I can work in a bank."- Ditosa

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The Matuba Children’s Centre opens doors for children and young people; they find hope for the future and a safe place where they can grow. See how the Matuba Community Centre helped Ditosa and other people in the Matuba community to build a better future.


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