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Project Compassion Social Media Toolkit

Social media content and photos for schools and parishes to use on their own social media platforms to help promote Project Compassion 2024.

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Ronita's Story with Narration

Ronita's story, narrated for readers who benefit from reading along with a narrator. 

Leaia's Story with Narration

Leaia's story, narrated for readers who benefit from reading along with a narrator.

Memory's Story with Narration

Memory's story, with narration for readers who benefit from reading along with a narrator

Caritas Australia's Laudato Si' Action Plan

Read Caritas Australia's Laudato Si' Action Plan.

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Catechist Resources - Primary

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Catechist Resource - Secondary

Includes three Project Compassion stories with activities linked to Lent and Catholic Social Teaching.  

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Prayer Against Human Trafficking

A prayer to mark the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking on 8 February

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy - Primary

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy - Secondary

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Advent 2023 - Primary Schools and Families

Our interactive Advent Calendar designed especially for primary school students and families, uses the See-Judge-Act-Pray rhythm to guide daily reflection.

Advent 2023 - Secondary

See – Judge – Act – Pray for a more just and peaceful world this Advent.

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Advent 2023 - Parish and Individuals

See – Judge – Act – Pray for a more just and peaceful world this Advent.

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Works of Mercy - Prayer

A prayer based on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. 

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Strengths-based Approach to Community Development - Primary

A PowerPoint presentation that explains Caritas Australia's Strengths-based Approach to community development for primary school students. 

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Water Walk Simulation (Lower Secondary)

Students see what it is like to live without easy access to clean water. They will imagine they are living in a small, remote village in Mozambique where people do not have taps in their houses and the one village pump has broken down – not for the first time. Includes instructions, templates, background information, reflection questions, case study and supporting classroom activities.

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Common Good in Scripture and Church Teachings (Secondary)

A resource designed to understand the scripture passages and Church teachings that underpin our understanding of the common good.

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Common Good in my Community (Secondary)

A resource designed to understand how we can work towards the common good in our own local communities.

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Common Good - Agree, Disagree, Undecided (Secondary)

This resource is designed to challenge our understanding of the definition of The Common Good. Students are read a statement and they are to decide if they agree, disagree or undecided on the statement. 

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St Oscar Romero Activities

A sequence of learning activities designed to learn about the life of St Oscar Romero and how he was counter-cultural in his actions and words. There are activities included to have students reflect on their own actions and words and present their own understanding about St Oscar Romero. 

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