Caritas Australia COVID-19 Resource Hub

Staying globally connected while staying home

Since its emergence at the end of 2019, the COVID-19 coronavirus has swept across the world and reached pandemic proportions. Life has stopped in many countries as borders close and all but essential services shut down. Thousands have died and tens of thousands have been infected in dozens of countries.

For Caritas Australia, the emergency is an urgent call for solidarity with the most vulnerable communities around the world, the ones who are most affected by this global crisis and need us the most.

Caritas Australia is striving to assist you in the face of disruption. We have created many resources to help us all get through this together. Please find these useful resources below.

COVID-19 is a reminder that whatever the future, we can only get through this together and by accompanying the most vulnerable. One Caritas worker said that this is a time for an “intertwined net of responsibility” where each of us understands how we can help others.

Thank you for your support, please stay tuned for new resources as we navigate this time together. 

Resources for Parishes, Web and Live Stream Masses

For web and digital teams, parish reps and priests

Resources for family and community

To work and discuss as a family

Family Fundraising at Home Some fun ideas on how to fundraise for Project Compassion and those who need it most during this crisis

Caritas Australia Board Games

Weekly stories with Gospel reflection -

Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4  Week 5   Week 6  

The Catechist and Children’s liturgy resources

PC weekly videos

    Week 1 Week 2   Week 3   Week 4  Week 5   Week 6  

Watch the PC20 Shirley film and discuss as a family

     Primary   Secondary

How To Fundraise or Donate online

Caritas Prayer for COVID-19 for children

Wash your hands with The Lord’s Prayer

Make your own prayer beads

French Skipping / Elastics Game

Make your own soccer balls

Love your neighbour (word search Y3-4)

Love your neighbour (word search Y5-6)

Fabulous Farming Colouring In (F-2)

Easter Basket Weaving (F-Y2)




Resources for Diocese and the Media

For web and digital teams, parish reps and priests




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