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Climate change is entrenching poverty, exacerbating conflict and uprooting millions of people from their homes. For all of us who care about human rights and ending poverty, tackling climate change is now part of our core business.

Very soon, Caritas will be launching a new climate campaign, called Living Laudato Si’. Complete the form on the right to be kept in the loop about this important campaign. You will also receive a series of tools you can use to engage your community, church or school in positive climate action.

Many of the communities we serve are already battling the harsh impacts of climate change. To respond to their needs and to ‘live Laudato Si’’, we must take urgent action for climate justice. In Pope Francis’ words, we must ‘hear the cry of the earth, and the cry of the poor’ (Laudato Si’, 49)

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How does climate change impact the world’s poorest people?

Climate change hurts people living in poverty the most. They are the most exposed, and have the fewest resources to deal with, the impacts of a changing climate.

The communities we work with have told us of rising seas flooding their homes, of increasingly ferocious cyclones and storms, of unpredictable farming seasons and failed crops, and of their fears that they are losing their livelihoods, homes and culture.

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Tools to help you take action and live Laudato Si’

Ways to take action

Climate Justice Action Kit 

Get your ‘bumper guide’ to taking action - Hearts 4 Climate, petitions, letter writing, film nights, personal actions for sustainability and more.

Download the kit

Download the kit for Schools

Pope Francis on climate justice

Understanding Laudato Si
Pope Francis on climate justice

This short presentation reflects on the key messages of Laudato Si’.

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Download Powerpoint

Our Pacific Neighbours

Climate change in the Pacific

How is climate change affecting the people of Oceania? Learn about their hopes and challenges.

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A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor."
Pope Francis, Laudato Si'