Our Church partners in the Pacific and Asia have urged Australia to take climate change more seriously. Take this opportunity to speak up! It’s up to us to make sure our politicians know we expect them to take stronger action.

Speak Up for Climate is an easy way to send a high-impact message to your Member of Parliament (MP). Collectively, we’ll build a loud voice for climate action that our politicians can’t ignore.

Read our how-to guide then get started below.

Speak Up For Climate is part of a new climate justice campaign, Generation Earth, launching soon in 2019. Generation Earth is coordinated by Caritas Australia and Catholic Earthcare Australia in partnership with the Global Catholic Climate Movement.

Submit a Video

  1. Record a video message asking our political leaders to act on climate change
  2. Upload your video to youtube or facebook (tips here)
  3. Complete your details on the form below

Tips when filming your video

  1. Be respectful. People won't listen to you if you're rude
  2. Be positive. Appeal to our leaders' better natures and find common ground about the things we all want.
  3. Be non-partisan. Don't attack a particular political party or politician. We need to provide all of our leaders with a blueprint of what we expect now, regardless of past policies.

How to upload a video to youtube

How to upload a video to facebook

  1. Either record your video live to facebook, or record it and upload as you would a photo
  2. Make sure you set the privacy of the video to 'public' so that we can see it and share it
  3. When the post appears in your feed, click on the date and time to get a direct link to the post, so that you can point us right to it.facebook-click-on-date

How does climate change impact the world’s poorest people?

Climate change hurts people living in poverty the most. They are the most exposed, and have the fewest resources to deal with, the impacts of a changing climate.

The communities we work with have told us of rising seas flooding their homes, of increasingly ferocious cyclones and storms, of unpredictable farming seasons and failed crops, and of their fears that they are losing their livelihoods, homes and culture.

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A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor."
Pope Francis, Laudato Si'