Caritas Australia's CEO, Kirsty Robertson standing next to student on a Monitoring trip in Cambodia. Photo credit: Nicole Clements/Caritas Australia.

Join a Caritas Conversation

We are offering the unique opportunity to interact online with our staff, partners and program participants in Australia and overseas. Register for a Caritas Conversation today to hear directly from the faces of Project Compassion and the staff involved in their story.

Join a Caritas Conversation

Explore the different stories, programs and issues for each week of Project Compassion with our Caritas Conversations.  

Caritas Conversations are one-hour sessions on Zoom where participants can learn about our overseas development work by engaging directly with Caritas Australia’s program staff, partners and program participants. 

Register for a unique opportunity to connect with the people whose lives have been changed through Caritas-supported programs and learn more about the impact of your generous donations. 

These sessions are open to individuals over the age of 18 as well as parish, youth and community groups. 

Register your class for a Q&A session

Caritas Q&As are 30-minute sessions on Zoom where primary and secondary schools can engage directly with Caritas Australia’s program staff, partners and participants. 

Register your class for a unique opportunity to connect with the people whose lives have been transformed through your generous donations.

Help prepare your students for our Caritas Q&As by: 

After Project Compassion, at the beginning of Term 2, Caritas Australia will host more sessions where schools can share how their awareness raising and fundraising activities went through Term 1. This is a great opportunity to share your success, learn from other schools and continue to connect through social justice. 

Attend a Teacher Orientation session

Join us via Zoom to learn about our Caritas Q&A sessions for your students and our new Project Compassion resources for 2022. 

These sessions are open to primary and secondary teachers and would be particularly relevant for RECs/APREs, Religious Education teachers and social justice/mission leaders. 


Post-Project Compassion Sessions

Join us via Zoom to share your schools’ Project Compassion awareness raising and fundraising initiatives. 

These 30-minute online sessions will enable participants to share their Lenten efforts with other students from across Australia.  

Each school is asked to prepare a short slide presentation (max. 4 slides) highlighting how your community has responded to this year’s appeal. Each school will be able to share their screen to show other participants their initiatives. 

These sessions are open to primary and secondary schools across the country. You do not need to have attended the Caritas Q&As to be part of these sessions.