St Mary Of The Angels College students selling pancakes outside their local IGA. Photo: Ruth Bakogianis

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Learn about the Project Compassion stories and how your support helps to create a better world for all future generations. Get involved today by downloading our resources or starting a fundraiser.

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Primary Passport

Students record what they have learnt about the four stories and countries in Project Compassion.


Primary Passport Hub

An interactive image with links to stories and information to help students complete their Student Passport.

passport hub

Secondary Student Workbook

A fillable PDF for students to record their learning throughout Project Compassion.


Secondary Deep Dive

An interactive image with links to stories and information to help students complete their Student Workbook.

deep dive

Faces of Project Compassion

Share the stories of Project Compassion with your classmates, teachers, friends and family
to raise awareness of global issues and to inspire them to take action.



Laxmi is now an advisor at her child's club, helping nurture the next generation of young leaders. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Laxmi's story


Tereesa with one of her projected artworks on display at Wulugul Walk in Barangaroo during the 2022 Vivid Light festival in Sydney. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Tereesa's story


Priscilla inspects her drought-affected fields of millet next to her home in Hwange district, north-western Zimbabwe. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Priscilla's story


Thu and his wife Linh live in the Quang Tri province, Vietnam. After Linh suffered a stroke, Thu became her primary carer. Photo: Phan Tan Lam/Caritas Australia

Thu's story


Stories with Audio Description (AD)

Audio described resources for blind or vision-impaired readers.

Laxmi's Story with AD

Tereesa's Story with AD

Priscilla's Story with AD

Thu's Story with AD

Stories with Narration

Perfect for readers who would benefit from reading along with a narrator.

Laxmi's Story with Narration

Tereesa's Story with Narration

Priscilla's Story with Narration

Thu's Story with Narration

Laxmi using a water tap that she advocated to have installed as a member of the Child Club at her old school in Jajarkot district, western Nepal. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

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