Primary school students in Queensland raise funds for Project Compassion. Photo: Caritas Australia.

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Primary Passport

Students record what they have learnt about the five stories and countries in Project Compassion.


Primary Passport Hub

An interactive image with links to stories and information to help students complete their student passport.


Secondary Student Workbook

A fillable PDF for students to record their learning throughout Project Compassion.


Secondary Country Study

An interactive image with links to stories and information to help students complete their student workbook.

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Faces of Project Compassion

Share the stories of Project Compassion with your classmates, teachers, friends and family to raise awareness of global issues and to inspire them to take action.



Anatercia helps her elderly grandmother on the farm where they grow corn, beans, sweet potato, casava and lettuce. The farm is over an hour walk away from home so when her grandmother can’t make the journey, other community members help Anatercia. Photo: Emidio Josine/Caritas Australia

Anatercia's story


Biru is seen working at his bicycle repair shop outside his home in his village in the state of Jharkhand, India. Photo: Sameer Bara/Caritas Australia

Biru's story


Janice is a traditional dancer who tells stories through movements handed down over generations. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Janice's story


Rosalie is an ex-combatant living in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who was forced to join the army aged 15. Photo: Arlette Bashizi/Caritas Australia

Rosalie's story


Shaniella is seen in a classroom at her Rural Training Centre near the capital Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo: Neil Nuia/Caritas Australia

Shaniella's story


Thandolowayo standing underneath Integrated Community Development Program sign in Zimbabwe. Photo credit: Caritas Hwange.

Where are they now?


Photo Storybook - Audio Description versions

  • Once the storybook is opened, you can view it in full screen by clicking the icon in the menu on the bottom.
  • Click the grey dash on the button in the top right corner of each page and then press the space bar to play and pause the audio.
  • Click on the arrows on the side to move between the pages.

Anatercia's Photo Storybook with Audio Description

Biru's Photo Storybook with Audio Description

Janice's Photo Storybook with Audio Description

Rosalie's Photo Storybook with Audio Description

Shaniella's Photo Storybook with Audio Description

Janice with her daughters outside Djilpin Arts centre. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

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