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Caritas Australia works to end poverty and promote justice in over 35 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Our work tackles a range of global issues which impact on poverty.

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Several of Caritas Australia’s programs are Integrated Community Development (ICD) programs. ICD programs focus on a number of issues, rather than one issue. Therefore these programs will be represented in more than one ‘global issue’ on the map. Data sources

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CAID map of Catholic Church in Australia's international development activities in the Pacific and Timor-Leste

The Catholic Alliance for International Development (CAID) was formed after an initiative which arose at a meeting between Caritas Australia and the National Catholic Education Commission in 2006. The Alliance is focused on maximising collaborative international development work across Catholic Church agencies in Australia. This is being achieved by sharing information across organisations and maximising the synergies. The regional focus for the collaborative work at this point in time is the Pacific Region and East Timor and the sector focus is on education and health.