Rubble from destruction in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the Herat province, Afghanistan. Photo: CRS


Your support is urgently needed as Afghanistan suffers combined factors of economic collapse, political instability, long-term drought, and recovery from devastating earthquakes.





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Afghanistan Facts

*source: UNHCR/World Bank

97% of the population

are being pushed into extreme poverty

24.4 million people

are in need of humanitarian assistance

Two thirds of households

find it difficult to meet basic food and non-food needs

2023 Earthquake

On October 7, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Herat province, resulting in over 2,000 deaths with a second taking place just outside of Herat on October 11, and yet a third on October 15. Thousands more have been injured and many have been displaced by this series of earthquakes. Buildings have been damaged and destroyed, and hospitals overwhelmed. This disaster exacerbated an already difficult situation in Afghanistan following decades of conflict and poverty, with scarce resources coming under even more pressure.

Our partners responded to urgent basic needs and provided cash assistance to families. The immediate response included:

Emergency Shelter

Access to Clean Water

Food and Other Essentials

Medical Supplies

Afghanistan was already suffering combined factors of economic collapse, political instability and long-term drought, which have left the people of Afghanistan already in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Two-thirds of households find it difficult to meet basic food and non-food needs.

CRS, our partner in Afghanistan, is already supporting vulnerable communities by providing:

  • Training on livestock management practices to help reduce disease, improve livestock health and increase milk production.  
  • Education for many of the most marginalised children in rural Afghanistan.  
    • Access to education for thousands of children.  
    • Advanced learning programs for older, out-of-school children.  

Your generous donation today means our partners in Afghanistan can respond quickly and efficiently to support vulnerable communities.


Afghanistan is experiencing crises compounding crises, and the situation could not be more dire for vulnerable communities. It is vital that people of compassion and the international community take action to help families impacted by poverty, food insecurity, and lack of access to essentials.

Melville Fernandez, Humanitarian Emergencies Associate Director, Caritas Australia

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