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Category Five storm Cyclone Yasa devastates Fiji

18 Jan 21

Caritas Australia’s partners are on the ground responding to the immediate needs of thousands of people in Fiji in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasa, a Category Five storm which slammed into the low-lying Pacific island late December 17.  

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Support people living with disabilities this Christmas

15 Dec 20

This Christmas, Caritas Australia is shining the light on the many vulnerable people living with disabilities around the world.

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The challenges of responding to COVID-19 in rural communities in southern Africa

26 Nov 20

Caritas Australia’s partners are on the ground responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in eastern and southern Africa, where communities that rely on small-scale agriculture for their food and livelihoods have been severely impacted by government restrictions on gatherings.

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Philippines suffers extensive damage after being hit by multiple typhoons

17 Nov 20

Caritas Australia’s partners are on the ground responding to the immediate needs of hundreds of thousands of people in the aftermath of Typhoon Vamco, which has struck the Philippines only weeks after Typhoon Quinta and Super Typhoon Goni – the most powerful storm this year.

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Bring hope and joy this Christmas with a Caritas Global Gift

16 Nov 20

Caritas Australia’s Global Gifts are a great way to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas by showing compassion to those in need and sending joy and hope across the globe.”

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Super Typhoon Goni hits Philippines only a week after Typhoon Quinta

02 Nov 20

Caritas Australia partners are on the ground monitoring the impact of Super Typhoon Goni, the world’s most powerful storm this year, which has struck the Philippines and will soon hit Vietnam only a week after Typhoon Quinta.

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New report on changing climate in the Pacific region

22 Oct 20

A research report released this month on environmental changes in Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific countries has found that local indigenous communities are experiencing severe impacts as a result of a changing climate.

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Caritas Australia welcomes additional COVID-19 vaccine support to the region

07 Oct 20

Caritas Australia welcomes the government’s announcement in last night’s federal budget that Australia will increase economic support for COVID-19 response and recovery in our region by $304.7 million over the next two years.

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Friendship and solidarity key themes in Pope Francis’ letter

06 Oct 20

On Sunday, 4th October, Pope Francis released the third encyclical letter of his pontificate: Fratelli Tutti (Brothers and Sisters All), focussing on the ideas of friendship and human solidarity.

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Year 12 Student wins Caritas Australia award for artwork

24 Sep 20

Athena Route, a year 12 student at Mater Dei College in Perth, won the Caritas Australia Perpetual Trophy at the 2020 Angelico Exhibition for her artwork entitled “The Value of Intangible Memories”.

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Blessing of new Caritas Australia Board

22 Sep 20

Caritas Australia, the Catholic Church’s international aid and development agency, is charting a new path into the future with the inauguration of a board which emerges from its incorporation process.

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Caritas Australia recovery efforts continue in Beirut

10 Sep 20

A month after the massive explosion which devastated the city of Beirut, killing over 200 people, the Caritas network is on the ground responding with new tactics and solutions for long-term development.

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Over one million dollars donated to Beirut recovery efforts through global Caritas network

31 Aug 20

Following the massive explosion which killed over 200 people and wounded 6500, Caritas Australia, part of the global Caritas network, is responding to the immediate needs of blast survivors in Beirut with an international solidarity effort.

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Caritas Australia stands with Lebanese as they assess extent of blast damage

21 Aug 20

Following the massive explosion which killed over 200 and wounded over 6500, Caritas Australia with its partners on the ground, responding to the immediate needs of blast survivors in Beirut.

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Solidarity and Support for Beirut Following Devastating Explosion

06 Aug 20

We stand in solidarity with the people of Beirut and the Lebanese community here in Australia at this time of enormous heartbreak and loss. The Lebanese Catholic community is a valued part of the Caritas Australia network.

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Caritas Australia Conveys Solidarity to Lebanon

05 Aug 20

Caritas Australia is shocked and deeply saddened by the events that took place in Lebanon overnight. Reports indicate that massive explosion occurred at the port in Beirut at around 6pm on 4 August 2020 local time, killing at least 70 people and injuring thousands more.

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Cyclone Harold hits Pacific islands amid COVID-19 preparations

07 Apr 20

Cyclone Harold struck the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu overnight, with devastating winds reaching up to 250km hour, accompanied by heavy rains and flooding.

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Singer urges support to protect the world’s most marginalised

02 Apr 20

Australian singer, songwriter and musician, Gary Pinto is urging thousands of school children, teachers, churches and families across Australia during Project Compassion. 

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Imagine a world without access to clean water

18 Mar 20

According to the United Nations, 785 million people globally do not have access to clean water, and by 2030, 700 million may be displaced by water scarcity. In Africa alone, the average woman walks six kilometres to haul 18 kilograms of water each day.

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Project Compassion encourages Australians to Go Further Together

12 Mar 20

Life is tough for the Philippine’s 17 million indigenous people who face discrimination, disadvantage and displacement from ancestral lands.

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