Diocesan Directors conference in Kincumber. Photo: Caritas Australia

Our Team

Our talented people work hand-in-hand with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities to create change, build resilience and work towards a better future for all. 

Who we are

We are committed to, and passionate about making the world a better place through long-term and sustainable development programs. When an emergency occurs, we are there, working through our partners on the ground to support communities to recover and build back stronger. 

We're driven by a diverse group of individuals across all areas of our work. From our Board of Directors to our volunteers, every individual's contribution makes a difference. 

L-R: Jack de Groot, Sr Jo Brady, Richard Landels, Christine Grima, Caroline Preston, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Wendy Hughes, Kirsty Robertson, Rocky Naickar and Robert Fitzgerald. Photo: Daniel Nour/Caritas Australia.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is responsible for guiding our strategy, monitoring our accountability and performance, and ensuring our compliance.

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Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team provide strategic oversight for the agency.

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Our people

Our people are committed to tackling injustice and helping communities to eradicate poverty. Working at Caritas Australia gives you the opportunity to use your skills to make a real difference to the lives of others, in the company of people who care about the big issues just like you. 

We have staff in four main departments, that work together towards shared goals with our partners in Australia and overseas.


team with local communities in Australia and overseas on locally-led long terms development programs as well as responses to emergencies.


team works across community engagement, fundraising, supporter services and marketing, communications and digital to spread the word about what we do.


is the engine room of the agency that keeps finances in order, operations running smoothly and IT operating with precision.


takes care of the heart and soul of the agency - our people. They make sure we are paid right, we are safe, we are fair, we are diverse and we are engaged.