Volunteers distribute aid in Beirut. Photo by Caritas Lebanon.

Lebanon needs your support now

Lebanon has been plunged into an economic and social crisis that has brought the country to the brink of collapse. Your support can help provide education, healthcare services, and immediate basic needs to the most vulnerable in Lebanon. 

Fuel and food shortages

The price of petrol and food has skyrocketed, leaving many families at risk.

The Caritas Network is on the ground responding to emergency needs in Beirut. Photo: Caritas Lebanon

Poverty rate rapidly rising

Vulnerable communities are being pushed further into poverty.


The Lebanese population faces a dire humanitarian crisis

The Lebanese economy is in freefall, which has seen hyperinflation drastically devalue the Lebanese Lira in what the World Bank says is potentially one of the three worst economic crises the world has seen in the past 150 years. 

  • The poverty rate has nearly doubled from 42% in 2019 to 82% in 2021 (UN - Multidimensional Poverty rate).
  • The World Food Program (WFP) estimates that food prices in Lebanon have risen by 628% in just two years. The price of bread has increased by six times in 2021 alone.
  • Fuel shortages have spiraled out of control - petrol prices have skyrocketed by roughly 1000% and cooking gas by 955% since the beginning of this year. 20 litres of petrol are now worth nearly half of the legal minimum wage, making it almost unaffordable to commute to work or transport children to school. 
  • Hospitals are rationing electricity and relying on patients to bring their own medicines due to a shortage of supplies, equipment and clean water. 

Parts of the population are at risk of hunger, something that has not been seen in Lebanon at this scale since World War I, not even during the darkest years of the Lebanese war. 

The time to act is now. Please give generously to support our Lebanese brothers and sisters. 

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Hear from Caritas Australia CEO, Kirsty Robertson, on the crisis in Lebanon

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