Remnants of a collapsed church following an airstrike in Gaza. Photo: Caritas Jerusalem.

Gaza Crisis Appeal

The situation in Gaza is catastrophic. Innocent women and children are facing famine and starvation. 

Your support is needed now.  

1.7 million people forced to flee their homes

Building structure damaged by an airstrike in Gaza. Photo: Caritas Jerusalem.
Palestinians evacuate the area following an Israeli airstrike on the Sousi mosque in Gaza City on October 9, 2023. Photo Mahmud Hams Getty Images

Over 70% of the fatalities were children and women

This is an unprecedented crisis. No place is safe. For more than 7 months, people have been displaced several times, faced daily bombings and taken all measures to protect their families with no safe haven. 

35,000 people have been killed in Gaza, most of them were women and children.

All 2.2 million people in Gaza do not have enough food, with more than 1 million on the brink of starvation and famine.

Over 1.7 million people have been forced to flee their homes. 

We must act now. 


Rubble and debris following an airstrike in Gaza. Photo: Caritas Jerusalem.

Provide vital emergency support

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can provide humanitarian support to the people of Gaza

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What is the current situation in Gaza?

  • Homes, hospitals and essential water and sanitation infrastructure have been destroyed
  • Food deprivation has reached extreme levels. Famine is imminent with half of the population on the brink of starvation. 
  • Gaza has become the most dangerous place in the world to be a child, according to UNICEF. Children make up roughly half of the Gaza's population and they are dying at an alarming rate.
  • Residents are also enduring lack of access to medical care, safe shelter and clean water. Infectious diseases are on the rise in the crowded conditions.
  • The escalation of military activity in Rafah, southern Gaza, has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, making life even harder for thousands of families who have already been displaced several times.
  • Meanwhile, those in Jerusalem and the West Bank are under increasingly dire economic stress due to widespread loss of income, leaving families struggling to cover the cost of basic needs such as food and medicine. 

Rafah, and the surrounding area, is where people from all over Gaza, many of them children, have fled to over the past few months to escape the conflict. It is the area where our current activities have been able to continue and the only entry point for all humanitarian aid and essential items. Changing that will significantly worsen humanitarian conditions in Gaza - an unthinkable reality - which could bring more tension to the Middle East as suffering, especially that of children, has an inflammatory effect.

Sally Thomas, Humanitarian Lead, Caritas Australia

Rubble of a church damaged in an Israeli strike. Photo: Caritas Jerusalem.

Our response

Our efforts are responsive to the rapidly-changing context, and mindful of people’s holistic needs—both physical and emotional—at a time of tremendous uncertainty. Our partners on the ground are working tirelessly to provide urgent assistance to people displaced and affected by the war in Gaza.

Working with our partner Catholic Relief Services (CRS), we have been able to assist more than 670,000 people in Gaza, as well as thousands of others across the region.

To date, our partners have provided over 666,000 people with food parcels, and more than 170,000 people with multi-purpose cash assistance. Over 83,000 people received bedding supplies and more than 13,400 people were assisted with hygiene supplies. 

With your help, we can support our partners on the ground to respond to immediate needs: 

Food and water provisions

Emergency Shelter

Household items including mattresses and blankets

Health and Psychosocial Support

Collapsed building after an airstrike. Photo: Caritas Jerusalem.

Donate Now

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can provide humanitarian support to the people of Gaza

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can provide humanitarian support to the people of Gaza

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible

“The most important lesson I learned from this harsh experience is to thank God for the simplest things that I had before the war. My message for people is to love the life that you live. Don't miss an opportunity to live with your friends, family and children. Sit in every corner of your house and savor all of the details. Be happy and excited when you go to your work. To watch death with your own eyes, to experience shrapnel falling on you in a terrible and crazy way, to be strong for your family and children, to lose your closest friends, to miss your previous life: All of these things make me thank God that we are still alive. The love of life and thanks to God is the basis of everything.”

A Caritas worker in Gaza

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