Martina picking cassava leaves in Timor Leste, Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Australian aid: transforming lives

Join a movement of people who want the proud tradition of Australian aid to continue. As part of a global family, join us in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world.

Australian aid is life-changing

Aid is money and support given by individuals and governments to poorer countries to help them with long-term programs to end poverty or for sudden humanitarian disasters. Australian aid has helped thousands of communities to access clean water, shelter, food, medical care and sustainable livelihoods.

Australian aid is important not only because it helps those most in need, but also because it reinforces our identity as compassionate people. It reflects our sense of fairness, justice and compassion, which are at the heart of our collective well-being.

We believe that we are part of a global family, a shared humanity. We believe that we should act in solidarity with our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Janaki with her students in Nepal. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Current threats to the Australian aid program

Since 2014 the Australian government has cut our international aid program by a staggering one-third. These cuts are devastating for people in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Australian aid is at its lowest level in six decades. We are now one of the least equitable contributors amongst comparable countries.


We need an Australian aid program that reflects our values and global commitments

Australia and the rest of the world have agreed to contribute 0.7% of our national income to overseas aid. That’s just 70 cents in every $100 dollars. It’s part of our commitment under the Sustainable Development Goals. Right now we’re at a mere 0.21%, or 21 cents in every $100 dollars.

We're asking our political leaders to commit to a plan that puts Australian aid on track to reach our 0.7% commitment.

Join a movement of people who want the proud tradition of Australian aid to continue.

What can you do?

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