Mrs Lan and her children, Loah and Quan. Photo credit: Phan Tan Lam

Support our Christmas Appeal and give the gift of a child’s smile

Help brighten the lives of children like Quan with Christmas donations.

Mrs Lan with her children, Quan and Loah. Photo credit: Phan Tam Lam

Children living with a disability in rural Vietnam often experience discrimination or exclusion, affecting their future education and employment prospects. 

Thirty-nine-year-old Mrs Lan* in Vietnam is a mother of three, with her eight-year-old son, Quan*, and 12-year-old daughter, Loah*, both living with a vision impairment.  

With your support, Mrs Lan participated in the Empowerment of People with Disabilities program** supported by Caritas Australia’s partner, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), as well as the Australian Government, through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 

Through the program, Quan and Loah were able to join community-based classrooms so that they could interact with other children living with disabilities. Her children are more confident and are looking forward to completing their schooling.  

This Christmas, we need your help to deliver this life-changing program to 1,800 families in 2023. With your support and generous Christmas donations this year, we can make sure that more children have something to smile about leading up to the holidays.

Please join us in giving parents like Mrs Lan the incredible gift of seeing their children smile. 

*Names have been changed to protect their identity. 

Mrs Lan and her son, Quan. Photo credit: Phan Tan Lam

Spread joy to vulnerable families by donating to our Christmas Appeal

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can provide a home visit by a rehabilitation therapist for two children with a disability in Vietnam.
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Mrs Lan’s Story 

Watch the amazing journey of Mrs Lan and her family and how their lives transformed after participating in the Empowerment of People with Disabilities program. Along with your generous support, this program is also supported by the Australian Government, through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 


How your Christmas donations help


Through community-based classes, children can learn to read and write, and develop social skills while interacting with others living with disability. 

Study visits are also organised to neighbouring provinces for parents and community members to participate in training in disaster risk prevention,  disabilities rights, developing a sustainable livelihood and more. 


The program helps communities to establish Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), providing access to loans for people with disability and those supporting them.  

It provides training on how VSLAs work and how to benefit from them. The loans can be used for livelihood improvement, or emergency and daily needs, such as food, school fees or the like.  


Vietnamese rural families who have family members living with disability are more likely to suffer disadvantage and poverty.  

Your support can help provide community-based education, rehabilitation therapists, disability training for parents, support groups, livelihoods loans and more.  

“Our life has changed a lot after joining the project. I am also proud of seeing positive changes in terms of emotional life and behaviour from my son and other children with a disability. I had never thought I could be happy and confident as I am now, with the changes of myself, my son, and my family life. I can share my story with anyone now without being afraid or worried.”

Mrs Lan

Did you know?


of people living with a disability live in rural areas of Vietnam 


of the population in Vietnam live in a household with a person with disability 


of those living with disability only have access to rehabilitation services when sick or injured

Donate to those in need this Christmas

Mrs Lan volunteers to help children with disabilities. Photo credit: Phan Tam Lam

This holiday season, why not give back by making a Christmas donation and teach your family the importance of giving and supporting those in need during a time we are so used to receiving? Many of us feel that giving back during Christmas is important, but with everything going on, it can be tough to find the means to do so. At Caritas Australia, any contribution you can make to our Christmas Appeal goes a long way in creating a meaningful difference for families and children with disabilities.

There are a lot of charities to choose from during the holiday season, but when you donate to Caritas Australia, you're choosing an organisation that makes a difference. We work to support human strengths, natural strengths and financial strengths. Learn more about us and how we create positive change today.

Your support can help many children worldwide smile

Nine-year old Phuong in Vietnam. Photo credit: Caritas Australia


Phuong was born in Vietnam with hydrocephalus, a medical condition which causes seizures and makes speaking and walking difficult.  

His parents sometimes had to miss work to stay home with him or to go to the hospital.  

With the support of Caritas Australia and the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development, Phuong has learned to read and write, and his health has improved. 

Thandolwayo in Zimbabwe. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright


Every morning, Thandolwayo in Zimbabwe would walk seven kilometres to collect clean water for her grandparents and family. Exhausted from hours fetching and carrying water, she would then start her day at school.  

In 2017, Caritas Australia and Caritas Hwange helped the community get clean water, using pumps to get water from the river up the hill to the village. Thandolwayo can now focus on her health and completing her education, with dreams of becoming a nurse.  

Anatercia in Mozambique. Photo credit: Emidio Josine.


12-year-old Anatercia in Mozambique took on more adult responsibilities around the home to support her mother and struggling grandparents.  

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Anatercia and her family joined the Integrated Rural Development Program, supported by Caritas Australia's partner, Caritas Regional Chokwe, which provided them with food, seeds, school supplies, and a school uniform for Anatercia.  

Now, her quality of life has improved and she can focus on doing well at school.