Sandhurst Diocese launch their commitment to Laudato Si’ action on the banks of the Broken Creek, Nathalia. Photo: Catholic Education Sandhurst

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Our Earthcare Community is full of Earthcarers: like-minded Catholic parishes, schools, organisations and households committed to caring for our common home. ​


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A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ n49

Everything is connected

In his encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis reminds us that everything is connected. Our relationship with nature is not separate from our relationship with God and others. This concept of integral ecology encourages us to care for the Earth and each other. It calls us to action.

When you join Earthcare, you become part of our Parishes, Schools, Organisations or Households Community. We keep you up to date with the latest events, conversations and approaches to integral ecology and achieving social and ecological justice. And we'll support you to create and implement your Laudato Si’ Action Plan.

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Earthcarers at St Mary of the Cross Parish, Mordialloc and Aspendale, Victoria work together on their herb garden, which is located beside the footpath for parishioners and passers-by to enjoy. Photo: St Mary of the Cross Parish
Earthcarers at St Mary of the Cross Parish, Mordialloc and Aspendale, Victoria work together on their herb garden, which is located beside the footpath for parishioners and passers-by to enjoy. Photo: St Mary of the Cross Parish


The Australian Catholic Bishops encourage each Catholic parish, diocese, eparchy, educational institution and organisation to join the Laudato Si’ Action Platform by 2024 and develop a Laudato Si’ Action Plan.

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Parishioners celebrate their commitment as an Earthcare Parish. Credit: Sandhurst Catholic Diocese

Earthcare Parishes Community

For earthcaring parish members, including social and ecological justice leaders in parishes.

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A primary school presents their Earthcare story at an Earthcare Schools Community network meeting. Photo: Mary's Mount Primary School

Earthcare Schools Community

For earthcaring teachers and school leaders in both primary and secondary schools.

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Staff at Sandhurst Diocese Chancery respond to ‘the cry of the poor’ – one of the seven Laudato Si’ Goals – by hosting a pancake morning tea to raise funds for Caritas Australia’s annual Project Compassion campaign. Photo: Kerry Stone/Caritas Australia​

Earthcare Organisations Community

For earthcaring businesses and organisations wanting to connect.

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Earthcarers of every age can help make a difference. Credit: Canva

Earthcare Households Community

For earthcaring individuals, families, young people and anyone wanting to make a difference.

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Australian Guide to Laudato Si' Action Planning

A new offering from Caritas Australia’s Catholic Earthcare program, this guide outlines a 4-step cycle of self-assessment, reflection, planning and action that complements the global Laudato Si’ Action Platform. It is designed to help you initiate practical, meaningful change within your parish, school, household or organisation as you plan and take action to live Laudato Si’

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Inspiring ideas

Earthcare communities around Australia share how they are taking action for the sake of our common home. 

Community garden in Bendigo. Photo: Kerry Stone

St Killian’s Parish Community Garden

Not only has this parish gone from bare earth to 8 garden beds in 1 year, they are caring for those in need by donating produce to Bendigo Foodshare. 20 volunteers meet regularly to tend the garden which was funded with a grant from local council.

Staff of Bede Polding College clean up the Hawkesbury River. Photo: Bede Polding College

Bede-Polding College Hawkesbury River Clean Up

This year, all staff at Bede Polding College committed to serving and being the 'hands' of Jesus for 5-6 hours in one way or another throughout the year as part of our 2023 Staff Spirituality Day Program.  A team of over 20 staff members cleaned the Hawkesbury River either by foot or by kayak. 

An Earthcarer helps her Care for Creation team bottle some of the community's freshly-pressed olive oil. Photo: Kerry Stone/Caritas Australia​

Olive Oil Pressing

In an effort to reduce the amount of olives going to waste in their parish and parishioners’ gardens, Echuca Parish has worked with Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning students to pick olives and take them to Apulia Grove Olives at Tooleen for pressing. The Echuca Parish Care for Creation Team refill olive oil bottles saved by parishioners who then pay for their oil, which covers the cost of pressing. 

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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference invites all parishes, educational institutions, organisations and eparchies to develop a Laudato Si’ Action Plan and upload it to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform. Caritas Australia’s Catholic Earthcare Team are here to support you!

Catholic Earthcare also acknowledges the key role that households play in responding to Laudato Si’.

Join the Catholic Earthcare community now as a parish, school, organisation or household and together we can learn how to better care for all creation.

When you join our Catholic Earthcare Community you will receive your free Australian Guide to Laudato Si’ Action Planning as well as other supporting resources for your sector.

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