Anatercia with other students in front of her local school in her village in Mozambique. Photo credit: Emidio Josine/Caritas Australia.

Every child deserves happiness. 

From literacy programs in Mozambique to supporting young children living with disabilities in Vietnam, your generous support makes a lasting difference for communities around the world.

A difference that is truly life-changing.

Eight-year-old Quan lives with a vision impairment. Photo credit: Phan Tam Lam

Give a child a future of joy

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356 Million

Children are estimated to live in extreme poverty.

1 in 5

Children, adolescents and youth worldwide are not attending school.

129 million

Girls worldwide are out of school.

240 million

Children worldwide live with some form of a disability. 

Thandolwayo's Story

Thandolwayo's life changed with the support of Caritas Australia. 

Your support this Christmas can help many children smile with promises of a better future

Nine-year old Phuong in Vietnam. Photo credit: Caritas Australia


Phuong was born in Vietnam with hydrocephalus, a medical condition which causes seizures and makes speaking and walking difficult.  

His parents sometimes had to miss work to stay home with him or to go to the hospital.  

With the support of Caritas Australia and the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development, Phuong has learned to read and write, and his health has improved. 

Thandolwayo in Zimbabwe. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright


Every morning,  Thandolwayo in Zimbabwe would walk seven kilometres to collect clean water for her grandparents and family. Exhausted from hours fetching and carrying water, she would then start her day at school.  

In 2017, Caritas Australia and Caritas Hwange helped the community get clean water, using pumps to get water from the river up the hill to the village. Thandolwayo can now focus on her health and completing her education, with dreams of becoming a nurse.  

Anatercia in Mozambique. Photo credit: Emidio Josine.


12-year-old Anatercia in Mozambique took on more adult responsibilities around the home to support her mother and struggling grandparents.  

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Anatercia and her family joined the Integrated Rural Development Program, supported by Caritas Australia's partner, Caritas Regional Chokwe, which provided them with food, seeds, school supplies, and a school uniform for Anatercia.  

Now, her quality of life has improved and she can focus on doing well at school. 

"I have enough time to take care of my mother because I have water close to the house, I am studying here in the community, and the farm gives us food all year round. Thank you, Caritas Australia."