Stand with the people of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has displaced more than 10 million people - many of them women and children.

Your generous donation today can help provide urgent support to people in need. 

More than 4 million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries

Ukrainian refugees fleeing to safety at Ukraine-Poland border. Photo: Caritas Poland
Illyena with her nine-month old baby. Photo: Philipp Spalek/Caritas Poland

Millions more in urgent need of food, medical supplies and shelter

Our partners are on the ground providing:

Assistance for displaced families

providing information, referral services (medical, legal, etc), free meals, water, and hygiene supplies for families as they flee to safer territories

Emergency shelters

with regular meals and hygiene facilities for families with no other accommodation options

Assistance for crossing borders

to help displaced families reach friends, family and services providers safely - including information on how to avoid human trafficking

Psychosocial support

for families in need, including special child-friendly spaces for children who have experienced trauma during the conflict

A message from Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia CEO

A Young Boy Who Has Fled The Bombing In Odessa, Ukraine At The Palanca Border Crossing. Photo: Marijn Fidder/ Caritas Germany.
A Young Boy Who Has Fled The Bombing In Odessa, Ukraine At The Palanca Border Crossing. Photo: Marijn Fidder/ Caritas Germany.

The war in Ukraine continues to escalate, with no end in sight. More than a quarter of Ukraine's population have now fled their homes or sought refuge in neighbouring countries. 

  • Fuel shortages, attack on food warehouses and the scarcity of available drivers has made transporting food around the country increasingly difficult.
  • Critical hospital services have been disrupted due to constant power outages.
  • Ongoing hostilities continue to disrupt access to food, clean water, medicine, basic hygiene items and shelter, particularly in besieged cities. 

As the humanitarian crisis continues to escalate, Caritas agencies in Ukraine and neighbouring countries are on the ground responding to the urgent needs of displaced families, the elderly and those living with a disability.

Your donation can support families fleeing conflict.

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"We will continue to carry out our services to those in need, and we will not leave anyone behind."

Father Vyacheslav Grynevych

Director of Caritas Spes, Ukraine

For daily blog posts, videos and accounts from staff, volunteers and other people on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, follow the Ukraine Latest blog.

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