Middle East Regional Appeal

Your donation will help to provide emergency humanitarian aid to survivors of emergencies such as the Beirut blast, as well as ongoing support for vulnerable communities in the Middle East.

In the wake of disasters such as the Beirut explosion, which at, 6pm on Tuesday August 4th killed over 100 people, wounded over 5000 and stranded many more,  and left over 300,000 homeless, Caritas Australia’s Middle East Regional Appeal allows us to respond quickly. 

Damage is extensive, with the blast shattering windows, knocking down doors and shaking buildings. Hospitals are amongst the hundreds of buildings damaged and uninhabitable, impacting the city’s ability to manage casualties. 

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Tuesday’s explosion came at a time when the country is already in the grips of an economic crisis and reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. With many people stranded or without shelter during a deadly pandemic, and the existing strain on resources caused by war, turmoil and an influx of refugees, the situation is dire. 

The Caritas network is on the ground, doing what it can to alleviate suffering by delivering emergency food and medical resources at a time of intense crisis, as well as counselling support for many traumatised people in Beirut.

Food and water
Food and water

Hygiene kits including masks and soap
Hygiene kits including masks and soap

Emergency housing and shelter repairs
Emergency housing and shelter repairs

Medication and other health services
Medication and other health services

Refugees throughout the region are particularly vulnerable to current threats like the explosion in Beirut, the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. We are working closely with our partners, addressing the needs of vulnerable refugees and Lebanese host communities.

Caritas Australia has been deeply committed to supporting our sisters and brothers living in vulnerable circumstances across the Middle East.

As part of the global Caritas network, we provide emergency assistance such as:

  • shelter, 
  • food,  
  • water,  
  • sanitation and hygiene services,  
  • and non-food items such as clothing, blankets and heaters. 

We also support programs focusing on long-term needs, offering psychosocial support, healthcare, educational and social services, and protection to vulnerable refugees.

Your donation will enable Caritas to continue our vital work throughout the Middle East. Your support equips vulnerable communities with emergency aid, as well as the tools and services they need to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

Please give generously.

Caritas Australia provides immediate as well as long-term relief. We are currently supporting relief efforts in

The catastrophic impact of the Beirut blast has brought life to a standstill in Lebanon’s biggest city. We are supporting Caritas Lebanon with a program enabling vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian women and children to recover from trauma. The program provides safe shelters and trauma counselling.

In Syria, we support programs focusing on emergency assistance, providing refugee families with food, water, sanitation and hygiene packs, shelter, and non-food items (such as blankets, clothing, hygiene kits and heaters).

Alongside our partners Caritas Jordan and Catholic Relief Services, we work to assist the well-being of refugee and host community children and families in Jordan by providing educational and psycho-social services.

In times of crisis, vulnerable communities such as single mothers and their children, as well as refugees are more vulnerable than ever. Please lend your support, today.

Let us pray for the victims and their family members, and let us pray for Lebanon so that with the effort of everyone in society – political and religious – it may face this tragic and painful moment and, with the help of the international community, overcome the serious crisis it is experiencing"
Pope Francis, at the end of his general audience on August 5

Where Does My Donation Go?

Donations to the Middle East Regional Appeal will be used for humanitarian emergency response activities in the Middle East region, where communities face both man-made and natural disasters. Alongside emergency relief, funds may be used to help rebuild homes and communities, to re-establish livelihoods, and help communities prepare for future disasters as well as provide long-term humanitarian support.

Along with your generous support, we would like to acknowledge the funding of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) for our multi-year protection program for Syrian refugees.

All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible

Caritas Australia is grateful for the support of the Australian Government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) for our work in the Middle East.