Caritas Australia staff with School House Captains. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

Global social justice

We work with all people to enable them to learn more about poverty and its underlying causes. With this knowledge, we will all be more empowered to stand up to end poverty, promote social justice and uphold human dignity.

Why global social justice?

Poverty is created by the actions of people, which means it can be eradicated – it’s not a question of if, but when. But for this to happen, we must all work together towards the creation of a more just and fair world.

Deepen your Catholic identity

We work towards a more just and fair world not merely from a sense of charity or goodwill, but because we believe it is a necessary response to the Gospel call of Jesus, and a matter of justice. This response is central to our faith.

Our education and advocacy programs will enable you to

Give prominence to the Gospel and person of Jesus Christ, as well as Catholic Social Teaching principles, which are our guiding values.

Commit to the Christian vision of the dignity and potential of each human person.

Give value and meaning to life, by encouraging students to aspire not to have more, but to BE more.

Put personhood at the heart of the learning and teaching process.

Challenge students to understand and make sense of the world.

Enable and empower students to take action in the world for peace and justice with direction, meaning, purpose and hope, and to engage with Australian culture and society.

Our global education and advocacy program

Our program enables individuals to reflect upon their own worldviews, their essential inter-connectedness with others, and the global issues that are the root causes of poverty.

This equips each of us to make a stand to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity, and to make choices and engage in positive actions and leadership for a more just and fair world.

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