The global water crisis

Over 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Donate before June 30 and your donation will be tax deductible for this financial year.


Water scarcity

Em waters her crops. Photo credit: Sam Rinang.

Globally, 1 in 3 people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. 

Absent, inadequate, or inappropriately managed water and sanitation services expose individuals to preventable health risks and are linked to the spread and transmission of life-threatening diseases (WHO). 

Water scarcity occurs when the demand for clean water outweighs its availability. Over 40% of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity, including Cambodia (World Bank).  

While Cambodia has plentiful water resources, its supplies are under increasing threat due to poor sanitation, industrial development and a changing climate. Due to a lack of basic infrastructure, sewerage often contaminates local sources of water and water is not effectively captured and stored during the rainy season. Today, 1 in 4 Cambodians do not have access to clean water. 

You can help change that statistic. Give what you can today to help create a better tomorrow for people facing water shortages. Every dollar you donate will go a long way for those living without access to basic resources like clean water.


Stories of impact: Lat and Em

Em and Lat on their farm in Cambodia. Photo credit: Sam Rinang.

For Lat and Em, water scarcity posed a serious threat to their ability to make ends meet.  

Lat and Em are rice and poultry farmers in Cambodia who make their living from rice farming, selling livestock and growing vegetables like long beans. But ongoing water shortages and poor harvests made it increasingly difficult for the couple to make a living. 

In 2018, Lat and Em joined our Upholding Community Dignity Together program and now their farm is thriving. 

They learnt sustainable farming techniques, increased food and water security and improved hygiene and sanitation practices to help prevent COVID-19.   

"Before I could not grow vegetables year-round and did not have enough to sell to get an income, as we had no water sources for farming," Lat says. 

“Now I am raising chicken and ducks with a very low dying rate and can sell them all almost every month."

Right now, the most vulnerable members of our global family are living without the clean water and education they need to thrive. Donate before June 30 to reduce your taxable income and help create lasting change for people like Em and Lat. 


You, Today can change lives 

Your generosity today can create lasting change for people experiencing water shortages and extreme poverty. Please help more people like Em and Lat to gain the skills they need to thrive and improve their community’s access to basic resources like water. 


Where does my donation go?

83% of funds are spent on Local and International Programs, including vital education and advocacy programs in Australia.

4% of funds are spent on essential administration costs, including our talented people.

13% of funds are spent on Fundraising, so that we can maintain and expand the scope of our humanitarian partnerships, which reach over 3 million people each year.

Along with your generous support, this program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). 

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