Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar

Caritas Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar during these particularly challenging times. We pray for all of the people in Myanmar, especially the vulnerable and marginalised communities who will be most severely impacted by the recent political upheavals.


We have worked hand-in-hand with local communities in Myanmar for nearly twenty years, and throughout this long-term accompaniment, the safety and wellbeing of people across the country has been the priority. We will continue to support the return of peace to Myanmar, where human dignity may thrive and human rights for all be observed.


As the international development and humanitarian aid organisation of the Catholic Church, our Mission is based on principles of the common good, human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity. During this crisis, we will continue to prioritise the people of Myanmar to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and ensure that we continue our work with the local organisations and churches best placed to respond to local needs.


There remains work to be done to respond to COVID-19, and deliver education, livelihood skills training and women’s empowerment. Our commitment does not waiver to ensure that the most marginalised and vulnerable are not left behind.


Our Mission remains, as always, to provide hope for the people and we stand in support of our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.