Crisis in Ukraine escalates with more than 10 million displaced

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to escalate, with more than 10 million people – nearly a quarter of Ukraine’s population – now displaced.  

Donetska and Luhanska Oblasts are the current epicentres of the unfolding humanitarian emergency, with reports of food warehouses being attacked. Fuel shortages and the scarcity of available drivers and trucks has made transporting food around the country increasingly difficult, and major ports, railways and airports have also been impacted by fighting.   

The humanitarian situation in the city of Chernihiv is rapidly deteriorating, with relentless shelling leaving as many as 130,000 people without electricity, heating and gas. Drinking water is running low across the encircled city, prompting local authorities to impose restrictions on the distribution of drinking water to prevent shortages. 

A number of hospitals, health facilities and residential areas in Ukraine have also been targeted, and this will have devastating impacts on some of the most vulnerable communities. It is already having dire consequences for the elderly and those living with disabilities, many of whom are trapped in their homes, with limited access to essential health care.  

Caritas Ukraine and other Caritas agencies in neighbouring countries are continuing to provide urgent support to displaced people on the ground. With your support, Caritas Ukraine has assisted more than 318,252 people since the conflict began.  

Emergency Shelter

Caritas Ukraine is providing up to 1,400 people a day with shelter. 

Food and Hygiene Kits

Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 89,000 food baskets and estimated 41,000 hygienic sets have been distributed.

Humanitarian Supplies and Logistics

Caritas Ukraine and local offices have received more than 540 tons of cargo with essential goods and supplies.