Caritas Australia launches new Workplace Giving program

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When you sign up to Caritas Australia’s Workplace Giving Program, you can use your small change to make a big change to the lives of people from the world’s most marginalised and vulnerable communities. 

Workplace Giving allows you to make regular donations to Caritas Australia through your pre-tax pay. This can greatly reduce Caritas Australia’s administration costs, so that more funds can reach vulnerable communities in need. 

Employees from any organisation can make ongoing donations, which are then deducted from their pre-tax salary each pay period. Companies can choose to match their staff’s giving to double the impact and inspire more staff to get involved.  

When you donate to Caritas Australia, you can be sure of our careful stewardship of your contribution. We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest administration rates in the sector. 

We are encouraging school teachers, healthcare workers in the Catholic sector and everyone in Australia to get involved in this initiative. 

87% of funds

are spent on Local and International Programs, including vital education and advocacy programs in Australia.

3% of funds

are spent on essential administration costs, including our talented people.

10% of funds

are spent on Fundraising, so that we can maintain and expand the scope of our humanitarian partnerships.

Benefits for employees

Workplace Giving is a smart and easy way to make small, regular contributions to Caritas Australia through your pre-tax pay, so you receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of the financial year. Once you notify your payroll team that you wish to give through Workplace Giving, they organise the payments for you. 

Benefits for employers

A strong Workplace Giving Program can drive positive culture, attract new talent and retain engaged employees. By matching your employees’ donations, you can encourage more staff to join in and double their impact. 

Staff who participate in a giving program are more loyal to a company, with 79% remaining with their company for more than three years, and 56% remaining for more than seven years.


How to sign up 

You can sign up to Workplace Giving today in three easy steps: 

Step 1

Complete the Registration Form, which you can download at

Step 2

Provide the completed form to your Payroll Office to set up your pre-tax deductions. 

Step 3

Your Payroll Office can email or post the form to Caritas Australia at or GPO Box 9830, Sydney NSW 2001. 

That’s it! If you elect to receive communications from Caritas Australia, we will provide you with regular updates on the impact of your giving. 

By signing up to Workplace Giving, you and your organisation can help make a real and lasting difference for people living in poverty around the world.  

As the international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in Australia, Caritas Australia works with and for all people, to address immediate needs and long-term goals, regardless of religion, race or political beliefs.  

With your support, we can accompany communities to build on existing local strengths and resources, supporting them to drive their own development, for more transformative and sustainable change. 

To find out more, please visit the Workplace Giving page on our website or contact our Workplace Giving team. 

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