Project Compassion 2024 spotlights three inspiring women

The theme of Project Compassion this year is For All Future Generations, with Caritas Australia highlighting the inspiring journeys of three resilient women from the Philippines, Malawi, and Samoa. 

The Philippines: Ronita's Story

Ronita, a 22-year-old mother of two lives with her husband in a slum in the Philippines. She faced educational barriers after leaving school due to teenage pregnancy but with the support of Caritas Australia's educational initiatives, in partnership with local organisation the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), Ronita resumed her studies and was able to graduate high school. Through perseverance, she attained a job at a call centre, a position requiring a Grade 12 Senior High School Diploma. Ronita now aspires to become a schoolteacher, inspired by her former mentors at FCJ.

“One day I hope I will be schoolteacher, just like Ma'am Jen and Ma'am Grace, I feel hopeful for the future,” said Ronita. 

Meet Ronita

A mother of two young boys living in an urban slum in the Philippines.

Malawi: Memory's Story

Memory, raised in the Mwanza district of southern Malawi alongside her four siblings, has defied the odds in her community where few girls pursue education. Identified by local leaders as a promising candidate, Memory underwent vocational skills training facilitated by CADECOM, a local partner of Caritas Australia in Malawi. With determination, she honed her carpentry skills, subsequently securing employment at one of Malawi's prominent hydroelectric power companies. Memory is a trailblazer whose example empowers other young women.

“Being a female carpenter sets an example to others in my community. They see a woman can do what a man can do” remarked Memory. 

Follow Memory

On her journey to become the first female carpenter from her village in Malawi.

Samoa: Leaia's Story

Leaia resides on Upolu Island in Samoa with her five children, husband, brother, and sister-in-law. Their home is constructed from recycled materials and lacked access to piped water, forcing reliance on rainwater collected in old fridges. The absence of sufficient water posed challenges, hindering her children's education.

“If there isn’t enough water the kids can’t go to school because the water supply at school isn’t clean... It becomes unhygienic for them.” Leaia said.

Caritas Australia's local partner, Caritas Samoa, installed a water tank in Leaia's home, ensuring a consistent water supply, and enhancing their overall well-being. 

Hear from Leaia

About the impact of a new water tank on her family in Samoa.

This Lenten season, your generosity can continue to uplift vulnerable individuals like Memory, Ronita, and Leaia from the grasp of poverty.  

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