Survival Day 2023

Janice is a traditional dancer who tells stories through movements handed down over generations. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Australia and of the land on which we live and work. We acknowledge the Elders, past and present, and younger generations as the emerging leaders of the future. This land is and will always belong to our First Australians people. 

Today 26 January is Survival Day.   

As an organisation, Caritas Australia recognises that 26 January is not a day of celebration. Instead, it is a day of acknowledgement of Survival of colonisation, as well as the ongoing mistreatment and systematic injustice that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have faced over the years.  

This land always was, and always will be Aboriginal land. We also recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia and respects their cultures, lands, waters, histories, and right to live in a society free of economic, social, and cultural oppression.  

Caritas Australia staff with First Australian Partners. Photo: Tim Lam/Caritas Australia.

Partners meeting

Caritas Australia is committed to working towards creating a more just society where all can thrive, closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  

Last November, we met face-to-face with our First Australian partners, including Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation, Djilpin Arts and Aboriginal Carbon Foundation.  

The meeting was an opportunity for us to listen, learn and hear from our First Australian partners about what reconciliation means to them. We also discussed the most important priorities for our First Australian partners and how we can accompany them in their journey to creating meaningful and lasting change.  

The theme of the event was Accompaniment, which means walking side-by-side with our program partners, supporting them and following their lead. By accompanying our partners and working together, we can create meaningful change and amplify the voices of First Nations people.  

The partners meeting also provided a chance to discuss and seek feedback on Caritas Australia’s recently developed Reconciliation Action Plan and First Australians Program Strategy.  

Walking together with First Australians

With your support, Caritas Australia works in close partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and First Australian-led organisations to support programs that focus on intergenerational healing, strengthening cultural identity and spirituality, livelihood opportunities, and advocacy. 

Your generosity helps support 10 projects through our First Australian programs, including walking alongside our partner Red Dust Healing to provide train-the-trainer workshops for 67 participants; who in turn reached hundreds of indirect participants by delivering the program in communities.   

We also worked with Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation, who run an arts and culture centre in the Northern Territory that provides employment and training for 89 local community members, and helps keep culture strong for future generations.

This #SurvivalDay, learn how you can be an ally and stand with First Australians.

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