Unwrapping the gift of compassion: Christmas charity gift cards

Your Global Gift can help change lives this Christmas.

Christmas is a time for spreading joy to the world. We gather with friends, family, and community to share stories, laughter, gifts and love amidst twinkling lights and festive decorations. For Catholics, it is a time to celebrate the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ.

At Christmas we also come together to reflect on the past year and our hopes for the future, and how we can strive to do better, and give more. This has been a year of great challenges and devastating conflicts around the world. For many of us, Christmas is a time when we choose to donate money to charity, putting into action our belief in loving and serving one another, especially those who live on the margins.  

Caritas Australia’s Global Gift cards are a wonderful way to bring together charitable donations with Christmas gift-giving. Each of our Global Gift cards represents a real, tangible benefit for someone in need. From seed packets to goats and chickens, choosing a charity gift card as a present this Christmas is a powerful way to spread love and goodwill, make a thoughtful donation, and promote human dignity and solidarity with those who are suffering.


Embody the true spirit of Christmas with purposeful gifts

Sometimes, it can feel as though Christmas has become focused on material things, with gifts passed around that will soon find their way to a forgotten shelf. And sometimes, thinking of the perfect gift for an aunt or uncle, co-worker or friend is difficult, especially when they seem to have all that they need. “What is the perfect gift for the person who has everything?” the advertisements ask. The answer might just be the gift of giving itself.

Rather than buying something for someone that you’re not sure they will really want, a charitable gift card is the perfect way to share the spirit of the season together. It’s a present with a purpose.


The gift of a goat, drought-resistant crops, or a girl’s education

One small gift can be a powerful catalyst for change, empowering vulnerable individuals and communities and helping them to thrive, beyond the season.

You can choose from twenty different Caritas Australia Global Gift cards – from hygiene supplies for girls in rural Nepal to finance training for Indonesian women.

Your charitable gift card could help train farmers in conservation and drought-resistant farming, support mums caring for children living with a disability and fathers getting health checks.

The Christmas gift donation of a group trauma support session for survivors of the Tonga volcano eruption and tsunami, or handwash stations for a community in Malawi, will bring hope and joy to the world’s most vulnerable in a time of significant climate disruptions.

Kids may even like to choose their own gift card, like a goat or a chicken for a rural family or helping a child their age attend school.

Even the smallest Global Gift card will resonate for a long time, and truly transform the life of someone in need.

A Global Gift can help change lives.
A Global Gift can help change lives.

Create a legacy of compassion

Your act of goodwill and charity through sending a charitable gift card this Christmas creates a legacy of compassion, extending charity to the act of giving and receiving that makes this season of celebration so special.

The ripple effect of charitable giving truly impacts the world, inspiring others to join in and make Christmas giving meaningful. Your Caritas Australia Global Gift card is planting the seed of generosity, which will bear fruits of love and goodwill during the festive season, and beyond.