Your support is helping mothers in vulnerable communities across the world

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the incredible resilience and strength embodied by mothers worldwide, particularly those living in vulnerable communities.  

Amidst the seemingly never-ending challenges that our world has been facing in recent years, mothers often stand as the bedrock of stability and hope, nurturing not only their own children but also fostering the wellbeing of their entire communities.  

At Caritas Australia, we honour these remarkable women and recognise the vital role they play in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.  

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate and support mothers everywhere, acknowledging their immeasurable contributions to building more just, equitable, and compassionate societies.  

Ronita’s story

Ronita (22) smiles as she holds her sons, Egzy Grey (3) and Clark (5), in their small home in Quezon City, Philippines. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Ronita lives in Quezon City in the Philippines with her husband Lean and their two children – Egzy Grey who is three years old, and Clark who is five years old.   

Her husband works seven days a week in waste disposal, from 3 am to 9 pm each day. Yet despite this, Ronita and her husband can only afford to rent a very small brick room (measuring around 10 square metres).   

Ronita married Lean when she was 15 years old, and quickly became pregnant with their first child. This put her at greater risk of falling further into poverty.  

With your support, Ronita was given a second chance at completing her studies when she joined a program supported by the Faithful Companions of Jesus, Caritas Australia’s local partner.  

Through their program, she was able to re-enrol in her studies, and continue learning in a safe and flexible environment – even with the arrival of her second child.    

After completing the learning program, Ronita attended senior high school classes. She has now completed her final high school exams and secured a job at a call centre. She hopes to earn enough income to continue her studies and support her family. 

How you can support mothers in vulnerable communities

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Mothers like Ronita in the Philippines are leading the way in lifting their families out of the many challenges brought on by poverty. 

When you support a mother like Ronita and help her to reach her full potential, it has the power to support not only her family, but her entire community. 

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