Caritas Australia holds Thank You Day for supporters across Australia

To celebrate the first week of the season of Advent, Caritas Australia held its first ever Thank You Day this week, where staff from across the organisation came together to thank over 2,800 supporters with personal phone calls, emails and handwritten cards.  

All Caritas Australia Sydney office staff participated, from the ICT to Fundraising, to express to a selection of Caritas Australia supporters how much their support makes a difference.  

Staff thanked supporters who have been donating for twenty or thirty years, as well as new supporters who made their first ever donation to the organisation this year. 

“It was wonderful to hear the positive feedback from supporters about the day, especially on phone calls. One supporter told me ‘You’ve really made my day with this phone call’,” said Abby Jones, Caritas Australia’s Supporter Services Manager.  

"Many supporters took the time to answer our calls - as people answered their phones in the middle of long bike rides, meetings, and even job interviews." 

“It was especially poignant for our Programs staff. Our Programs staff have a keen sense of how far a dollar can stretch in the communities we work with and were able to tell our supporters that it doesn’t matter if they donate $5 or $5000 – it all makes a difference.” 

Staff in Caritas Australia’s offices across the country, including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin all participated in various Thank You Day activities.  

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