Caritas Australia launches campaign to fight famine in Horn of Africa 

After three years of poor rainfall, some of the worst locust plagues seen in decades, and ongoing conflict, displacement and the impacts of COVID-19, millions of people are facing hunger and even starvation across the Horn of Africa.  

“Millions of people in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia are facing a devastating hunger crisis, that is likely to be the worst seen in our lifetime,” said Aloysius Canete, Caritas Australia’s Humanitarian Emergencies Lead for Africa.   

“Of most concern, the war in Ukraine has pushed regions that were already experiencing hunger over the edge. Food prices were already on the rise, and now they’re skyrocketing. The Horn of Africa is heavily reliant on imported grains and fertilisers from Ukraine and Russia, which are largely no longer available.”  

According to the recently released Global Report on Food Crises, nearly 193 million people are in need of urgent assistance, an increase of nearly 40 million since 2020.  

“What makes the situation in the Horn of Africa especially serious is that even the World Food Programme relies on Ukraine and Russia for approximately 50% of their wheat and corn. This means that humanitarian response will only get more expensive and complicated once existing stockpiles run out. But we also know that without immediate humanitarian intervention things are likely to get much worse.”  

Caritas Australia has launched the Africa Food Crisis Appeal to provide urgently needed humanitarian aid to countries in the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea.   

Through partners on the ground, donations to Caritas Australia’s Africa Food Crisis appeal will go towards food distributions, support for children impacted by malnutrition, clean drinking water, cash transfers to households at risk of poverty, hygiene supplies as well as seeds and household items for families that have been displaced by conflict.  

Donations can be made at: 


Media contact: Jessica Stone0490 684 867 /    

Note: Aloysius Canete, Caritas Australia’s Humanitarian Emergencies Lead for Africa is available for interview.