Change a life with a Caritas Australia Global Gift this Christmas

This Christmas, Caritas Australia is giving you the opportunity to give a gift on behalf of another that can change a life, support a family, and transform a community. 

Caritas Australia’s Global Gifts come in the form of a card that represents a donation. Whether you purchase your Global Gift for a family member, friend or colleague, each gift reflects real items and support that will help assist the world’s most vulnerable people in their fight against poverty and injustice. 

With nine cards on offer you can choose from gifts of education, gifts of health and gifts of empowerment. One card signifies a donation that can help provide a chicken for farmers like Priscilla in Zimbabwe; another can help provide a handwash station to a community in rural Malawi. The purchase of a pack of five cards can help transport food parcels to outer islands in Tonga. 

Kirsty Robertson, CEO of Caritas Australia said, “Far too many men, women and children around the world are experiencing hardship and poverty, but this Christmas, you can give a gift to help change a life. How beautiful to give a gift that gives back, bringing joy to the recipient and providing someone in need the chance to build a better future.” 

Orders for printed cards need to be placed by December 6 so that they arrive in time for Christmas.