Giving the gift of compassion through Caritas Australia’s Christmas Appeal

This festive season, you can support some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people around the world through Caritas Australia’s Christmas Appeal.  

“As individuals and as a community this year we have navigated some significant challenges, but Christmas brings us the promise of hope and joy,” says Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia’s CEO.  

“Christmas is a holy time - a time to show gratitude and compassion and to lend a helping hand to the stranger on the road. Caritas Australia’s Christmas Appeal is one way to give back.” 

“This year’s Appeal features the story of Maria from Tanzania who, with the support of our partner, the Diocese of Mbulu Development Department and the generous contributions of our supporters, was able to forge a path out of poverty.” 

Maria lives in a village in Northern Tanzania, in a region affected by long-term water and food insecurity. For years, Maria struggled to earn an income and provide enough food to feed her family.  Her small farm often produced poor harvests due to water scarcity, and Maria was forced to travel long distances to collect water. 

Having never had the opportunity to attend school, Maria was unable to read, write or count, so her employment opportunities were limited. She could not help her children with their homework, decipher bus schedules or even read dosage instructions on her family’s medicine. 

When the A+ Community Development Program, supported by Caritas Australia, came to Maria’s village, she saw an opportunity to learn the skills she needed to improve her family’s livelihood. 

This program empowers communities like Maria’s to increase their quality of life through education, improved access to water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, and greater food security. 

Maria took part in as many training programs as she could, learning sustainable farming techniques, entrepreneurship, literacy and numeracy,  environmental protection, hygiene and sanitation. As her education progressed, she became more and more confident that she could transform the lives of her family. 

Donate today to help create opportunities for mothers like Maria by giving them the support and education they need to lift their children out of poverty. 

To learn more visit: or call 1800 024 413 toll free. 

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