Prime Minister Scott Morrison's climate fund only a start

Prime Minister Morrison’s announcement of a Climate Solutions Fund represents a step towards a stronger federal government policy related to climate action.  At the same time, based on the repeated calls of the governments and civil society in Australia’s immediate neighbourhood, greater ambition and bipartisanship is needed for Australia to do its fair share for a safer global climate.

Australia needs a well-resourced plan that encourages renewable energy, provides disincentives for the biggest polluters and replicates leading international examples of carbon reduction policies, mirroring the success seen in Germany, California and the European Union.

Caritas Australia’s CEO, Paul O’Callaghan, spoke of the leadership role Australia should be taking in our region.

“While this is a first step, Australia needs to show our neighbouring countries that is prepared to meet their repeated requests to take bolder action on carbon emissions,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

He also spoke of the very real threat of climate change being faced today, especially by poor communities.

 “Caritas Australia is part of a global confederation operating in 190 countries. Our Church partner agencies in the Pacific and parts of Asia and Africa call on wealthy country like Australia to act with greater leadership in reducing national emissions and to commit to support their poor communities in addressing the already present impacts of climate change.”