Anatercia with other students in front of her local school in her village in Mozambique. Photo credit: Emidio Josine/Caritas Australia.

Project Compassion resources

Our Project Compassion resources can help inspire your school, parish and community to create lasting change for all future generations. 

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Anatercia's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Biru's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Fundraising Booklet

This booklet provides inspiration to assist you in supporting vulnerable communities to go further together during this Lenten season.

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Janice's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Photo Storybooks with Audio Description

Five Project Compassion 2022 photo storybooks, audio described for blind or vision-impaired readers.

Primary Passport Hub

Rosalie's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Secondary Country Study

Secondary student workbook

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Shaniella's Story (Photo Storybook)

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Social Media Tool Kit

Social media resources for schools, parishes, organisations and individuals to use on their social accounts to promote Project Compassion 2022 during the six weeks of Lent.

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Upper Primary Passport

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