Laxmi facilitating a wall magazine poster making session with child's club members at her old school in Jajarkot district, western Nepal. Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Project Compassion resources

Our Project Compassion resources can help inspire your school, parish and community to create lasting change for all future generations. 

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Prayer (PPT)

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Weekly Reflections - Parishes

Weekly reflections linking the Project Compassion stories to the Sunday Scripture readings.

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Intercessory Prayers (Prayers of the Faithful)

A prayer of intercession for each week of Lent linked to the Project Compassion story. 

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Project Compassion 2023 Parish Talks

Includes seven parish talks from Project Compassion Sunday to Palm Sunday. 

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Catechist Resources - Primary

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Weekly Reflections - Schools

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Way of the Cross - Parish

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy Secondary

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy - Primary

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Way of the Cross - Primary

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Way of the Cross - Secondary

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