Project Compassion 2021 fundraising event in NSW. Photo: Caritas Australia

School resources

Curriculum and topic specific resources for teachers to embed social justice in the curriculum.

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Video - Solidarity (CST)

A short video explaining the Catholic Social teaching principle: Solidarity.
4 mins

Thu - Vietnam Case Study (Secondary)

A case study featuring Thu from Vietnam with accompanying activities for secondary students.

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Priscilla - Zimbabwe Case Study (Secondary)

Priscilla - Zimbabwe Case Study (Secondary)

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Laxmi - Nepal Case Study (Secondary)

A case study featuring Laxmi from Nepal with accompanying activities for secondary students.

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Tereesa - Australia Case Study (Secondary)

A case study featuring Tereesa from Australia with accompanying activities for secondary students.

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Introducing Project Compassion PPT- Secondary

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Prayer (PPT) - Project Compassion 2024

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Fundraising Booklet

Ideas to inspire fundraising and awareness raising activities linked to the Project Compassion stories. 

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Caritas Ks Toolkit

The Caritas Ks Toolkit includes a guide and resources to support your event. 

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TAPITAS - Fundraising Activity

To help inspire fundraising, create a Tapitas Water Wall. Students donate $5 for each droplet. They write their name (and  prayer if they choose) before adding their droplet to the display wall.

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Project Compassion Poster

Project Compassion Poster

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Weekly Reflections - Schools

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Project Compassion Thank you Poster

Project Compassion Thank you poster

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Prayer Poster - Project Compassion

Project Compassion Prayer Poster

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Photo Storybooks with Audio Description

Four Project Compassion 2023 photo storybooks, audio described for blind or vision-impaired readers.


Secondary Teacher Handbook

A complete guide for teachers to support student learning about the Project Compassion stories.

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Secondary Student Workbook - Project Compassion 2024

A fillable PDF for students to record their learning throughout Project Compassion.

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Ash Wednesday Liturgy Secondary

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