Supporter Hub FAQ

You may be able to solve your query using the Supporter Hub FAQ’s below. If your issue is still unresolved, please call our friendly Supporter Services team on 1800 024 413 or submit your enquiry through this form.

The Supporter Hub is a self-service application that allows Caritas Regular Givers to sign in and view their regular payments, update payment information and update personal information.

If you are a Regular Giver, you can create an account in the Supporter Hub account by either:
• Receiving an email and clicking a link to start the account creation process
• Or, by opening the Supporter Hub directly in a web browser.

For security purposes, when creating an account, you are sent a one-time account verification email. You are required to click a link in this email to verify your email address and continue the sign-up process.

Once your email address is verified, you will be automatically sent a 6-digit code to your mobile phone sent via SMS. Enter this code to complete the sign-up process.

The one-time email might have landed in your spam or junk folder. If the issue persists, you can contact our Supporter Services team using this form

You will be presented with a screen notifying you that the email verification has expired, along with a button to re-send the verification email.

You will be presented with an error message notifying you that the code has expired or is no longer valid. You will be able to click a button to send a new code.

If you leave the sign-up process at the Email Confirmation step, on your next attempt to sign-in, you will be redirected to a screen that sends you an email verification, and a new email verification email will be automatically sent.

If you leave the sign-up process at the Mobile Verification step, on your next attempt to sign-in, you will be redirected to the screen that allows you to enter a 6-digit verification code. A new 6-digit code will be automatically sent to you via SMS.

You will be asked to sign in or reset your password.

Open the Supporter Hub login screen in a browser and then complete the two factor authentication sign-in process. This will require you entering a six digit code that is sent to your mobile phone.

Please contact our Supporter Services team using this form.

You will be presented with a success message and an email will be sent to you notifying you of the change.

This can be done within your Supporter Hub. Go to Personal Details and click on the 'Password' section.

Your regular donations support long-term development programs and humanitarian aid around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Giving on a regular basis, even if it’s a small amount, helps to create lasting change for vulnerable communities by providing long-term support. Our partners on the ground can plan for the future and work with Caritas Australia to improve program efficacy and outcomes for people living in poverty. It also enables us to respond quickly to crises when they happen, and provide lifesaving access to water, healthcare, food and shelter.

When you sign up to become a Caritas Neighbour, your chosen donation amount will be charged to your nominated payment option on the 15th of each month.

Yes, we provide an annual summary statement of your regular donations at the end of the financial year. You can expect to receive this in mid-July either via post or email, based on your subscription preferences. 

Everyone’s financial circumstances can change and we recognise that you must take care of your own needs before you can help those of others. Please give us a call on 1800 024 413 to discuss alternative arrangements or to pause or cancel your regular donations.

Of course. If you’d like to take a temporary break from giving regularly to Caritas Australia, please contact our Supporter Care team on 1800 024 413 or email to arrange this. 

You can always change the amount or types of communications you receive from us. Please call us on 1800 024 413 or email and we can tailor our communications to suit you. Alternatively, you may click the link at the bottom of a recent email you have received to update your subscription preferences. 

Yes! You can always change your regular giving amount to what is right for you and your personal circumstances. Simply contact us at 1800 024 413 or

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