The impact of your generosity

For over 55 years, Caritas Australia has been working alongside some of the most marginalised people in the world to forge a path out of poverty. Caritas Australia CEO Kirsty Robertson introduces you to our work in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and here in Australia.


Through your support, we partner with local communities to tackle issues such as food security, water and sanitation, disability inclusion and women’s leadership training.

Today, we work with local partners in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, the Pacific and in Australia.
In Cox’s Bazar, the largest refugee camp in the world, we support Rohingya refugees who have fled violence and persecution.

In Zimbabwe, we support drought-affected communities to access clean water and learn techniques to grow crops all year round.

In Papua New Guinea, we provide face masks and hygiene training to support communities affected by COVID-19.

And in Australia, we are working with our First Australian partners to help First Nations peoples strengthen cultural identity and support intergenerational healing.

Thank you again for your generous support as we work together to build a better world for all.