Top crises the world cannot ignore 

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In a world marked by war, political turmoil, pandemics, famine, and the relentless force of climate change, you have the power to be a source of hope and change lives and this guide will provide you with the information to have impactful conversations.

  • Conflict has uprooted millions in Ukraine, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Across Africa, a hunger crisis rages, pushing millions to the brink. Conflict, drought, locust plagues, and a lack of humanitarian aid worsen the situation.
  • Climate change continues to impact our most vulnerable communities.

In the face of adversity - of conflict, of hunger, of disease, of crisis, or natural disaster - people do not lose their capability. They lose their resources, their connections, their voice and their ability to create meaningful, enduring change for themselves. You can be there for these people, standing alongside them in empathy and understanding, putting your compassion into action by helping provide access to what they have lost, helping them build a better future.

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You can be a partner in their solution. A partner in compassion.