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Throughout 2021 and 2022, our world has faced more turmoil than ever before. War, political upheaval, pandemics, famine and natural disasters exacerbated by ecological changes have become inescapable and have taken over the news.

  • Since the beginning of the year, the war in Ukraine has escalated to unprecedented levels, leaving millions displaced and in dire need for humanitarian assistance.
  • After decades of unrest and drought, the situation in Afghanistan has become one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
  • The hunger crisis in Eastern Africa continues to escalate. Millions across the continent are currently facing extreme levels of hunger and malnutrition, as the region's food insecurity continues to be inflamed by ongoing conflict, severe drought, locust plagues and a shortfall in humanitarian funds.

Now more than ever, Caritas Australia is working hard alongside our partners to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers facing these crises, and to create a better future for vulnerable communities around the world.


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