Rosalie walks hand in hand with her daughter in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Credit: Arlette Bashizi/CAFOD

About Women for the World

Now in its 10th year, Women for the World brings Australian women together to stand with women across the globe. We're a sisterhood that crosses borders, connects communities and creates change.

Vulnerable women in marginalised communities face many challenges including lack of education and training, food insecurity, inadequate access to health care, gender-based violence and discrimination.

We learn from their resilience, are in awe their strength and celebrate them as leaders in their communities.


Women for the World raises money to support women living in poverty around the world

Caritas Australia works hand-in-hand with the most marginalised and remote communities in Australia and overseas to confront the challenges of poverty. Through locally-led programs, we work with all people, with shared hope and compassion, towards a world where all can thrive and reach their full potential. We can reach some of the most remote and vulnerable communities in the world where the need is greatest.

By supporting Women for the World, you are helping to change lives and turn hope into action for a better future for women and girls everywhere.


of working people living in poverty are women


of countries have at least one law that discriminates against women

1 in 5

women will experience sexual violence in her lifetime

1 in 9

girls in developing countries is forced into marriage before her 15th birthday

Share a meal with your friends and help raise funds to support vulnerable women. Photo: Emma Karst.

Hold a fundraising event.

Host a Women for the World fundraiser with two easy options:

Walk for Her: Lace up your sneakers and hit the ground walking (or running!) This is a great way to raise funds while getting your steps in. You make the rules – you can choose when, where, solo or in a group!

Host for her: Treat your circle to a home-cooked meal. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy dinner together hosted by you to raise funds for this worthy cause.

You can also donate to help change the lives of women in the most marginalised communities in the world.


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