Together, we can work towards a just world for all

With your support, Caritas Australia works with vulnerable communities to address the challenges of poverty today, and to drive lasting change for a better tomorrow. 

Caritas Australia is Compassion in Action - walk with us towards a just world for all

Together with your support, we are able to work alongside the most marginalised and remote communities in Australia and overseas to address the challenges of poverty. We believe that local communities are best placed to forge their own path out of poverty. That is why we identify and build on their existing strengths and resources, so that they can create lasting and sustainable change.

Through partnerships with local organisations and Church networks, and as a member of Caritas Internationalis, one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world, we are able to reach where the need is greatest and work together for a just future for all. 


How your support can change lives

Clean water

 Around the world, over 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. Help vulnerable communities to improve access to clean, safe water for drinking, washing, cooking and irrigation. 

Emergency Relief

During emergencies, we work with our local partner organisations to reach some of the world’s most remote communities with emergency aid when they need it the most.

Food security

An estimated 690 million people go hungry every day. We work with communities to help to ensure that they are prepared by having reliable and sustainable sources of food all year round. 


Children without an education lack the confidence and skills they need for a secure future. Through your support, children can go to school and break the cycle of poverty. 

Caritas Australia team unloading a container with PPE. Photo: Caritas Australia PNG.

Papua New Guinea COVID-19 response

Our local church partners in PNG can reach the most remote and inaccessible communities to raise awareness about COVID-19 and promote health and hygiene practices. 

Tarsini teaching financial literacy to other women in her community. Photo: Laz Harfa

Women’s entrepreneurship training in Indonesia

We support women in Indonesia through financial literacy programs so that they can develop the skills to start their own businesses.  

Oliva and other students in Tanzania can now learn literacy and numeracy skills.

Adult literacy training in Tanzania

Through this program, adults in Tanzania can participate in literacy and numeracy training and improve their employment prospects.

With your support, we can create a just world for all

1.8 million

the number of people we reached in 2020/2021


the number of countries we currently work in


the number of long-term development programs we support


the number of years we have been working with communities

Salma safely delivered her baby. Photo: Ashish Peter Gomes/Caritas Australia

Salma’s baby was delivered safely

During Salma’s pregnancy, she became ill and was fearful for her life and that of her unborn child, since maternal and infant mortality rates are tragically high in Bangladesh. Salma sought out Pronoti, a rural midwife trained by Caritas’ Safe Motherhood Program, who safely monitored her pregnancy and helped deliver Salma’s beautiful daughter. 

Thandolwayo can access drink cleaning water in her village. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

Thandolwayo can access clean water

Thandolwayo used to walk more than 5km each day to collect water. Caritas Australia and our local partner in Zimbabwe, Caritas Hwange, helped install a solar-powered piped water system in their community.  Today, Thandolwayo can access drink cleaning water and spend more time at school. 

Dominic is a community trainer who works with other men in PNG to help them to change their behaviour and build more harmonious family lives. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

Dominic is now a community leader

Dominic became involved with Caritas Australia’s Safe House and Family Anonymous programs in and turned a difficult life and an unhappy relationship around. Now a community trainer, he works with other men in Papua New Guinea to help them to change their behaviour and build more harmonious family lives. 

Thandolwayo can go to school again thanks to the support of Caritas Australia supporters. Photo: Richard Wainwright.

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