Family in Jordan. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

Middle East Emergency Response

Your donation can help survivors of emergencies, like the Beirut blast, and provide ongoing support for vulnerable communities around the world.

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Children and families continue to face severe challenges due to conflict across the Middle East. 

Today, millions of Syrians live in informal settlements in Lebanon and Jordan without running water or electricity. With limited access to meaningful employment, many Syrian families struggle to provide enough food or send their children to school, leaving a whole generation at risk. 

The Beirut explosion in Lebanon killed over 100 people, wounded over 5,000 and left over 300,000 homeless. This disaster has struck in the middle of a serious economic crisis, with half of the population are already living in poverty and struggling to feed their families. The city’s hospitals were already struggling to cope with the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases, and are now overwhelmed.

Your donation today can provide much-needed support to vulnerable communities around the world during emergencies.

We are currently supporting relief efforts in

Rosella and her family at the Cedar Shelter. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.


Alongside emergency aid to victims of the Beirut blast, we are supporting Caritas Lebanon with a program enabling vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese women and children to recover from the trauma of gender-based violence. The program provides safe shelters and trauma counselling.

Bayan in front of her home in Jordan. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.


Alongside our partners, Caritas Jordan and Catholic Relief Services, we work to assist the wellbeing of refugee and host community children and families in Jordan by providing educational and psycho-social services.

COVID-19 Crisis

In Lebanon and Jordan, the Caritas network is distributing health educational materials to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We are providing food, sanitation and hygiene kits (including masks and hand sanitisers) to those most at risk.

We are helping survivors with

Food and water

Hygiene and sanitation kits

Medication and health services

Emergency shelter and housing repairs

Amal and Mohammed in Jordan. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

Through our partners on the ground, we have supported a large-scale humanitarian response to the Beirut blast, providing shelter, food, water, sanitation, clothing, blankets and heaters to families in need. We also support programs focusing on long-term needs, offering psychosocial support, health care, educational and social services, and protection to vulnerable refugees. 

In recent months, cases of COVID-19 have grown exponentially, but treatment options remain limited. For families who were struggling to earn enough before the pandemic hit, the economic recession has made life even tougher. Our relief work means that vulnerable families can get the food and emergency supplies they need during this crises, as well as vital information to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Your donation will mean that we can continue our vital work so that families in vulnerable communities around the world can recover from emergencies, overcome the trauma of conflict and rebuild their lives. 

Where does my Donation go?

Bayan at school in Jordan. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Funds raised are used for emergency response activities in vulnerable communities around the world. If any funds remain after a crisis, they are kept in the Emergency Response Appeal fund so that we can respond to ongoing needs and future crises in the region. Funds may be used to help rebuild homes and communities, to re-establish livelihoods, and help communities prepare for future disasters.

Caritas Australia is grateful for the support of the Australian Government through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) for our work in the Middle East.

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