Floods causing destruction in Pakistan. Photo: Caritas Pakistan

Pakistan Floods

Torrential rain and flash flooding has affected more than 33 million people across Pakistan. Your support today can help provide urgent support to communities affected by the catastrophic floods.


Nearly 75% of Pakistan has been affected by floods

Floods have affected millions across Pakistan. Photo: Caritas Pakistan
Caritas Pakistan assesses the damage from the floods. Photo: Caritas Pakistan

495,259 houses have been damaged or destroyed

The floods in Pakistan have had a devastating effect on the lives of millions.

The unprecedented floods have left a trail of destruction in Pakistan, causing many to suffer the loss of their homes, livelihoods, and belongings.

Over 33 million people have been affected, and over a thousand have died.

Out of 160 districts in the country, 116 have declared a state of emergency.

Almost the entirety of Balochistan, and Sindh which are the two worst hit provinces, are facing a humanitarian disaster.

The 2022 Pakistan floods require emergency relief. Caritas Australia's partners are responding to support flood-affected communities who need immediate assistance. Your generous support can help provide emergency support to help families recover and rebuild from disaster.

Many livestock have been affected by the floods. Photo: Caritas Pakistan

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Currently the most urgent needs are:

Access to clean water

Emergency shelter for displaced families

Hygiene supplies

Food rations for flood-affected families

As emergency services and flood relief struggles to reach the communities most affected, homes, businesses, livelihoods and families are being torn apart in the wake of the devastating floods.

After enduring some of the highest ever recorded temperatures earlier this year, causing a damaging drought, the parched and hardened soil is now being swept away and degraded by the highest recorded rainfall in decades. The Pakistani government describes the 2022 flood event as the worst in the nation's history.

The humanitarian situation is likely to deteriorate further as heavy rains continue over areas already inundated by more than two months of storms and flooding. Flash floods and rain-induced landslides are compounded by the inability of existing infrastructure to cope with the extraordinary amount of water.

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