Major donors

Major donors play an important role in supporting our work to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. Caritas Australia values meaningful partnerships, and we are able to tailor different options for major donor support.

Children from Dinajpur Bangladesh

How you can help

Pledge an Annual Gift

By pledging a multi-year gift you are helping Caritas to plan for the future and ensure we can continue to reach the poorest of the poor.


Caritas Australia is incredibly grateful to our major donors whose generous support helps us to reach the poorest of the poor and work with them to end poverty, promote justice, and uphold human dignity around the world.

Caritas Australia is one of the largest and most effective humanitarian aid agencies so you can be assured that your major donation is helping those in need, regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs, gender, or religion.

Caritas Australia is delighted to discuss different options for major donor support that can lead to ongoing and meaningful relationships. We can provide tailored information on a specific theme, country or project of interest.

Support our overall work

An unrestricted gift allows Caritas Australia to respond rapidly and effectively, wherever the need is greatest.

Multi-year Giving

Building long term partnerships is a key aspect of our work, ensuring that the impact is sustainable and grows over the years. By pledging your support over a number of years you are helping Caritas to realise this long-term approach.

Support a specific project

With projects in 24 countries, you can choose where in the world your donation to Caritas Australia goes. Or you may wish to support a specific theme like helping communities develop skills to sustain livelihoods, improve access to clean water or provide essential services such as healthcare and education.

For more information or to make a gift please contact us .